Name: Poppy
Breed: Podenco
Rehomed: 06/2/2014
Location: Netherlands

© Jacqueline Smithuis - Gnocchi

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOUR DOG NEEDS UP TO 21 DAYS BEFORE IT CAN TRAVEL TO YOU DUE TO EU RABIES LAW. During this time, your dog will be placed with a foster home at no additional cost to you.

Travel cost is dependent on your location, and we will always quote the best price we can for this, whether by road or air. LCAR do not take any responsibility for fluctuations in travel prices, nor responsibility for the animals in transit.

As a guide:

United Kingdom – prices start at €245 for road travel.

Mainland Europe (by air) – prices start at €150 including the cost of the travel crates.

Additional to this, and by law, there is a €45 charge for the TRACES paperwork and short quarantine period (normally around 36-48 hours) your dog must go through before legally being allowed to travel.

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