Name: Pippin
Breed: Pomeranian Cross
Rehomed: 2014
Location: Coín, Spain

The El Paraiso Dog Pound (perrera) offers a service to the Malaga area. It takes dogs and cats both from people handing them in and those found roaming the streets. It can house many hundreds of dogs at one time but with the current economic climate, has found the numbers coming in far exceeding those which they can home. The centre does offer to home as many of the animals as possible, although it is important to understand that this is not a rescue centre with happy endings for all the dogs. There are 22 “adult dog viewing pens”, a puppy pen and a separate room for cats in the public area, which offers potential adopters in the region of 150 dogs to choose from at any one time. Once a dog has been rehomed, its place will be filled by a dog from the back, where new dogs come in to be assessed and cleared that there are no ownership issues. No dog showing signs of aggression or extreme ill health will be offered in the homing pens.

The harsh reality of the pound is that when numbers become too high, some of the animals have to be euthanized. No one wants this to happen and every effort is made that this is not the outcome for the many dogs coming through the doors.

This is where the LCAR team come in. Working tirelessly, they raise awareness in the ex-pat community and much needed funds in order to rehome as many dogs as possible. This relationship has developed over the years and there are countless happy endings with dogs homed far and wide. The reality of the work that the LCAR team do is that they are unable to offer extensive information on the dogs offered, asides from approximate age, breed and character seen whilst in the pen. The quicker these dogs can be adopted from the pound, the better.

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